Solo Exhibition at DiEGO
August 2020

Yusuke Aonuma

Photography: Mina Asaba
Videography: Hironori Yamazaki

Yusuke started a new series of artwork 'Untouchable Media as Artwork' during the State of Emergency between April and May 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This project aims to embody and preserve memory related to the unusual time caused by the pandemic. His solo exhibition held at DiEGO Omotesando in Tokyo between August 2nd and 30th, 2020 featured the outcome of the project.

Before the opening of the exhibition, it was postponed twice due to the pandemic situation yet to settle. The exhibition which finally took place is titled 'Something that was Satellite for Numbres', reflecting the fact that the final content of the exhibition ended up completely different from what it was planned to be before the pandemic.

The seeds of dandelion represent a metaphor of virus or they cocoon the everyday objects as if protecting the memory which the objects holds. Yusuke created works using his own everyday objects as well as those provided by other people. The objects covered with seeds embody the unusualness of the pandemic era. The objects have been returned to the owners after the exhibition.