Interactive Application

Miyoshi Kensho
In collaboration with Phenox Lab

Developed by the roboticist Ryo Konomura, the Phenox drone is unique in that it is capable of all the computation required for controlling its flight and reacting to its surrounding by using the onboard sensors. Kensho explored its interactive application, which could embody the slogan of the Phenox, namely, ‘onboard intelligence’. His experiment resulted in the creation of a sequence of interaction by developing original image and sound recognition software. The interactive application 'Above Your Hand' enables people to interact with the Phenox just like playing catch – in fact, not catching it but keeping it hovering above their hands. It was made possible by processing the image obtained by the on-board bottom-facing micro camera. The onboard microphone enabled take-off and landing to be controlled through voice and whistle.

Video still from the Phenox PR video: Tsushima Takahiro
For more information see https://miyoshikensho.com/en/phe.html