Design Research

Miyoshi Kensho, in collaboration with Rachel Warr, Tom Crame, Mark Esaias, Viraj Joshi, Hazel (Ruijing) Yan, Anne Zhou, Yaprak Göker, Kumi Oda

This collaboration with puppeteers was conducted as a part of Kensho's PhD design research project. Four product designers including me explored alternative movements of everyday objects in collaboration with puppeteers, ‘unusual’ partners in product design. The four design outcomes demonstrate how kinesthetic movements could be employed in everyday objects. The design process exposed the team to unseen benefits and issues of the puppetry-informed approach. The designers not only created successful applications of kinaesthetic empathy but also acquired the kinesthetic sensitivity to movements progressively through their exploration and collaboration with the puppeteers and sound designer. The project confirmed the high potential in the puppetry-informed approach to designing kinesthetic motions. This project has made clear that puppetry could be beneficial to, and also unexpectedly compatible with, part of the process of designing kinetic objects.

Photo: Pengduowen Li
Puppeteer: Rachel Warr

For more details, please visit https://miyoshikensho.com/en/phd.html