Miyoshi Kensho, in collaboration with Komatsu Kosei

Puwants is an installation of plant-shaped sculptures created in collaboration with the Japanese artist Kosei Komatsu. Inspired by a variety of forms found in nature, Puwants dream imaginative behaviour of the natural structures. Made of thin transparent polyethylene terephthalate, the flexible sculptures stand and move as a result of the buoyancy of air bubbles trapped in their bodies. The behaviour of fluid is highly unpredictable and is affected by the very subtle details of objects, such as shape and weight. This randomness is important not only for the kinetic expression created by the sculptures but also for the creative process in which the unexpected combinations of the buoyancy of air and the structure and weight of sculptures, found through a craft-like approach, often triggered new inspirations.

Photo credit: Tsushima Takahiro