SMP Gallery Captions


A Respite in Between: A Prototype

This series of experiments attempt to capture the fleeting patterns of light and colour appearing behind closed eyelids. In a world awash with intrusive light, the experiments offer an opportunity to reflect on viewers’ personal sanctuary of visual serenity. The tranquil experience evokes the sensation of a richly hued curtain descending during an interlude, paying homage to the unique, private visual journeys each of us can undertake. This piece is part of a broader exploration into the sensory perception which only the viewers themselves are allowed to access the true colours and nuances.

Gauging Luminosity: A Prototype

This instrument represents our venture into sensory exploration of light’s emotive qualities. By aiming the scale at a light source and gauging the degree of outline attenuation, users can infer the source’s illuminance levels. Eschewing conventional abstract metrics like lux meters, this tactile gauge is designed for discerning and capturing individual preferences for light comfort. As an interface bridging subjective human perception and objective quantification, the instrument empowers visitors to engage in personalised light assessment.

Threading Time Diary

In this whimsical daily planner or diary, dates are laid out like a thread travelling back and forth in a bound book, seamlessly integrating the near future and the recent past on a single page. This design cultivates connections between your past and future selves that are both coincidental and inevitable.

By reflecting on your past experiences or contemplating your near-term possibilities, you’ll uncover new dimensions to your life story that are often obscured when considering time as a linear progression.

In Search of ‘My’ My Voice: A Prototype

[Only available during the Talk Event]

Building on acoustic mapping technologies, this auditory experiment aims to capture the elusive “inner voice,” a phenomenon each individual uniquely perceives. Employing highly sensitive microphones against temples and throats, the piece records and plays back these sounds to examine their similarity to or deviation from one’s internal voice. The installation stands as an exploration into auditory self-perception and identity, offering a rare glimpse into the sonic landscape of the inner self.